August 1

Text- to- Text Connections

Today in Reading we were learning how to make Text- to- Text connections to improve our understanding and comprehension during reading.

We practiced connecting what we are reading to another story we have already read. We chose two texts from our Book Box or from our classroom library.

We made connections between our two chosen texts looking closely at; Authors message/ style of writing, key themes, type of genre, characters, settings, plot and text features.

Our Text- to- Text connections were recorded in our Reading Journals and we shared these with the rest of the class during our reading reflection time.

Below are some pictures of us sharing our Text- to- Text connections during our reflection time

Room 8 🙂

IMG_6416                        IMG_6427IMG_6422IMG_6431IMG_6419  IMG_6429      IMG_6417       IMG_6441IMG_6430             IMG_6432           IMG_6433                                     IMG_6436           IMG_6439

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