August 15


In Reading we have been learning to:  identify and describe the effects of Figurative language choices in texts.
We can: Identify, define and explain why an author might use ‘Personification’

Personification = The act of giving human traits, qualities, or actions to objects, concepts or animals.

* People use personification in their writing to make it come alive!

Below is a song about Personification that we practiced as a class.

Here is an example of Personification used in a movie – Beauty and Beast.

Below is an example of Personification used Poetry  – The Ocean

The ocean tickled my feet. The waves ran across the shore. It wrapped around me and gave me a hug. The ocean sang while it crashed on the shore. It danced through the rocks


We all had a go using personification in our Writing.

We underlined the idea, object or animal being personified and circled what they are doing that makes it an example of personification.

E.g. The Sun danced across the sky on a hot summers day

E.g. The Rain gently kissed me on the cheek as I walked home from school.

We did such a good job we published our work and put it on display outside our classroom for others to see. Below are some pictures of our display. Come by room 8 to have a look at our great work! 🙂




August 8

Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt- Using Padlet


We have been learning to: identify and describe the effects of different language choices in texts.

I can: identify, define and explain why an author might use (Simile’s, Metaphors, Personification, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole)

Here are some figurative language characters and a anchor chart of examples to help us remember them. These are also up on display in our classroom in our reading corner.


Here is a video of Figurative Language used in some Movie Clips we know (They are quite funny and there is a little test at the end)


Purposeful Reading Tasks – Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt:

PRA Task Week 5 =

  1. Search for Figurative Language in levelled texts during Independent Reading E.g. (Simile’s, Metaphors, Personification, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole)
  2. Find your assigned Padlet (clicking on the right link that has the name of your reading group)- See below

Kangaroo’s Padlet

Emu’s Padlet

Croc’s Padlet

Giraffe’s Padlet

    3. Enjoy adding the Figurative Language examples you have found from texts into your assigned Reading Group Padlet by double clicking anywhere on the Padlet page

4. When a text box is created make sure to add your name and the title of the book in the title section E.g. Miss Glassford- Text = ___ Simile = ‘My Dad is as busy as a bee’.

5. Your group will then share your wonderful findings at the end of the Reading Session to the rest of the class.

Happy reading and sharing 🙂




August 2


IMG_6459 (1)

First day of the ‘Bulldogs Friendly Sports Program’

(6-7 week program- Tuesdays 9-10am)

Our task involved:

  • Creating a new Guernsey- with a new name and mascot for the team e.g. instead of calling them the Western Bulldogs call them ‘Western _________’
  • Using the hand out of a plain Guernsey to decoratename the team and design your very own team Guernsey.
  • Using colour to help.

*The above picture shows a whole class of creative ideas we had for a new team Guernsey.

  • Next Tuesday we will be learning some football skills outside on the Oval so remember to wear appropriate footwear.

Room 8 🙂

August 1

Text- to- Text Connections

Today in Reading we were learning how to make Text- to- Text connections to improve our understanding and comprehension during reading.

We practiced connecting what we are reading to another story we have already read. We chose two texts from our Book Box or from our classroom library.

We made connections between our two chosen texts looking closely at; Authors message/ style of writing, key themes, type of genre, characters, settings, plot and text features.

Our Text- to- Text connections were recorded in our Reading Journals and we shared these with the rest of the class during our reading reflection time.

Below are some pictures of us sharing our Text- to- Text connections during our reflection time

Room 8 🙂

IMG_6416                        IMG_6427IMG_6422IMG_6431IMG_6419  IMG_6429      IMG_6417       IMG_6441IMG_6430             IMG_6432           IMG_6433                                     IMG_6436           IMG_6439