July 27

Life Skills Workshop

Today Room 8 participated in the Life Skills Workshop. We really really loved it!

Here are some of our reflections;

Jordan  – ‘My favourite part of life skills was the snake jumping game. It was making me stronger and at the same time it was fun! I also liked when we pretended their was a balloon in our stomach and we had to inflate it by breathing in and out’

Azaria– ‘I felt flexible and strong when we were doing the stretches. I also liked the animal stretches and when we were laying down because we can imagine things and be creative.’

Darrell– ‘I felt very relaxed when the lady banged the bowl and we had to concentrate and put up our hand when we heard the sound stop’

Cadence– ‘ I liked that we learnt how to not slouch and sit up straight to lengthen your spine and breathe properly. It was very relaxing when we laid down concentrating on our breathing and the lady came around to put the special pebble on our forehead’

Andy- ‘I enjoyed sitting still and listening to the echoing sound the bowl made’.

Lucinda– ‘ I liked the snake game because it feels like my body is getting healthy’

Malachi- ‘ I liked the game because it was relaxing and we were honest’

Breeah– ‘My favourite part today was the skipping game because it was fun and everyone was very enthusiastic. I also liked it when we laid down on the mats and listened to the soft music and she said we were melting into the mat’

Luan– ‘My favourite part of lifeskills was when we copied the lady doing animal stretches’

Lavina– ‘I liked the animal stretches we did that was similar to yoga because I liked doing the moves’

Jason– ‘ I liked the honest game because I was energetic’

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