June 9

Publishing, sharing and celebrating our writing

We can follow all the stages of the ‘WRITING PROCESS’ (Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish).

We have published a number of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts.

Here are some pictures of students from Room 8 sharing their published work. Students on the floor are showing respect to their peers using whole body listening, asking questions and providing positive feedback and comments.

Lucinda sharing her Narrative – ‘The Haunted World’


Joshua sharing his Narrative- ‘The Fog Monster’


Darrell sharing his Narrative – ‘The Silly Ghost’


Vy sharing her Narrative- ‘The Bloody Doll Part 2’


Jordan sharing his Narrative – ‘The Apocalypse Part 3’


Kristy sharing her Information report- ‘Healthy Food’


All students sharing their published work to the class. They can be read during independent reading time.


I am very proud of you all! You are all wonderful writers! From your very proud teacher Miss Glassford 🙂



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