June 9

Publishing, sharing and celebrating our writing

We can follow all the stages of the ‘WRITING PROCESS’ (Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish).

We have published a number of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts.

Here are some pictures of students from Room 8 sharing their published work. Students on the floor are showing respect to their peers using whole body listening, asking questions and providing positive feedback and comments.

Lucinda sharing her Narrative – ‘The Haunted World’


Joshua sharing his Narrative- ‘The Fog Monster’


Darrell sharing his Narrative – ‘The Silly Ghost’


Vy sharing her Narrative- ‘The Bloody Doll Part 2’


Jordan sharing his Narrative – ‘The Apocalypse Part 3’


Kristy sharing her Information report- ‘Healthy Food’


All students sharing their published work to the class. They can be read during independent reading time.


I am very proud of you all! You are all wonderful writers! From your very proud teacher Miss Glassford 🙂



June 9

We can solve multi-digit SUBTRACTION and ADDITION problems!

We have been learning how to solve addition and subtraction problems for 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. Some of us can even add and subtract numbers to the tens of thousands .

We can check to see if our answers to subtraction problems are CORRECT using ADDITION.

Here are some pictures taken of students articulating their problem solving and demonstrating their understanding to the class: