May 30

Think before you share!

Today we are learning about being safe on the internet and why it’s important to think carefully before we post anything online.

This will help us to know what is OK to post on our classroom blogs, chat in online games and other social media. It will also help us to know what is NOT OK to post!

You will need a worksheet and a pencil to take your notes.

May 25


Room 8 have been learning about how to write an effective introduction for their Information Reports. They understand that a great introduction needs to be/include;

  • Short, sharp title
  • Create a hook questions/ interesting fact/ sound to engage the reader (sizzling starts)
  • Quick description or definition of the subject
  • Explain what readers will learn by reading the text.
  • Easy to understand

Here are some examples from some students in Room 8:

(Breeah) Title: The Solar System

Introduction: Where are you right now? Are you at school? Home? or perhaps a park? Well where ever you are you are on Earth and Earth is part of the solar system. Right now you might be wondering what the solar system is? Right here I am going to tell you all about the solar system.

( Azaria )  Title: Mammals

Introduction: Mammals fascinating creatures but let me tell you something crazy…humans are mammals to. I am going to be teaching you all about mammals

(Rayborn) Title: Mountain Gorillas

Introduction: The Mountain Gorilla is the most endangered gorilla. Do you know why? Because of hunters hunting gorillas. I am going to tell you all about Mountain Gorillas. If we don’t stop hunting this animal it will become extinct.

(Jason) Title: Sharks!

Introduction: DO you like sharks? Well I do. They are mind blowing creatures. A shark can detect blood in an Olympic size pool. Now come with me for an underwater adventure to learn all about this animal.

(Cadence)  Title:  Dolphins

Introduction:Come down with me and see these wonderful creatures.

(Edward) Title: Minecraft 

Introduction: Have you ever wanted to make, build and create something. Well my friend you came to the right place. I am going to teach you all about Minecraft.

(Amelliah) Title: Kangaroos 

Introduction: Bounce around with me to learn about this amazing animal.



May 24

Friendship – Value of the fortnight

Over the past fortnight, the students in Room 8 (and the rest of SAEPS) have been learning about friendship. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Listen and respect one another and be caring and a good friend (Azaria)
  • Look after them and don’t leave them when they have no one to play with (Lucinda)
  • Help others when they need it (Breeah)
  • Team work (Cadence)
  • Being nice and a good friend (Edward)
  • When you cooperate (Vy)
  • Caring for others (Malachi)
  • Nice, kind and thoughtful to one another (Amy)
  • Look after one another (Jordan)
  • Share and care (Cadence)
  • Never be mean to your friend (Vy)
  • Being honest
  • Don’t laugh or embarrass each other (Breeah)
  • Stand by you and look after you (Azaria)
May 20

Information Reports

Things I know a lot about / can write information about;


  • Butterfly (Vy)
  • Solar System (Breeah)
  • Natural Disasters (Alex)
  • Reptiles (Azaria)
  • Mammals (Anson)
  • Amphibians (Amelliah)
  • Birds (Amy)
  • Planets (Andy)
  • Countries around the world (Cadence)
  • Life cycles (Lucinda)
  • Soccer (Joshua)
  • Fish (Breeah)
  • Planes (Alex)
  • Transport (Alex)
  • Dinosaurs (Andy)
  • Seasons (Vy)
  • Chemistry (Jordan)
  • Endangered animals (Azaria)
  • African Lion (Alfonso)
  • Rugby union (Malachi)
  • Aboriginals (Vy)
  • Computer games (Edward)
  • Australian money (Jordan)
May 20

Fact or Opinion


What is the difference between a FACT and OPINION (Whole Class Brainstorming)

  • Facts are true information and cannot be changed (Jason)
  • An opinion is what you think it isn’t really true (Kristy)
  • An opinion is something that you think and it can change (Jordan)
  • A Fact is proven and is outside of you and an opinion is inside of you (Breeah)
  • An opinion is when you are trying to convince someone to change their mind (Azaria)
  • Words we use when we give an opinion are; Good and worse (Cadence)
  • Some key words we use when we give a facts are; Dates, history, scientifically proven (Jordan)
May 10

Independent Reading Reflections

Today after independent reading these children shared their thinking on Text to Self connections. Here are some of their thoughts;

  • Book Title: (The Aunties Three)- I made a text to self connection when I had baked beans for the first time I cooked it in the microwave and it exploded similar to the section on Page 25  (Jordan)
  • Book Title :(Secret Agent Splat)- I made a connection with the character when he thought he knew the who the thief was but he had no proof (Cadence)
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